Environmental and OSHA Training Programs

2017 Hazardous and Universal Waste Management Basic Training

Monday, April 24

This training covers regulatory requirements for California generators and practical compliance and enforcement avoidance strategies. Topics include RCRA & non-RCRA hazardous waste determination and exclusions.

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2017 Cal/OSHA Compliance and Inspection Management

Thursday, May 11

Cal/OSHA Standards, enforcement practices, and penalties are all independent of federal OSHA, and are becoming more onerous. You need to know about recent changes in laws and regulations to avoid increasingly frequent high penalty inspections–into the 6-figure range in many cases.

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California Environmental Regulation Review and Update

Doing business in California can be a regulatory quagmire. This program, formerly taught as the California Chamber of Commerce Environmental Crash Course, reviews an array of state regulatory programs, compares them to U.S. EPA counterparts, and provides updates on new or changed requirements.

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DOT Hazardous Materials and Waste Transportation

Employees who are assigned to any aspect of shipping and receiving of hazardous materials and hazardous wastes are required by California regulation to have annual training in addition to the DOT’s triennial training requirement.

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